Dragon Red, A rap rock band hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the mastermind of rapper Landslyde, of the former Poetic Ammo fame which started out at the end of 2001 with guitarist Amil Khan and the vocalist Adam Lobo. The Band currently features Brandon Gomez on the drums and Camero on Bass. The name Dragon Red was chosen because according to Chinese scripture, the dragon represents strength and courage and the color red represents power and passion which are the elements the band brings with their music and energetic live performances.

Music Concept

Dragon Red incorporates elements of rock, hip hop, punk, funk and fusion into their music styles but the Band is basically categorized as a rap-rock outfit for the first album, more rock based sounding for the second album and looking to go back to the original sounds or rap rock with a little hint of metal flavor into their upcoming third album.

In terms of the music writing process, music arrangement input comes from all five individual members of the Band with different elements of the affiliation of the same genre of music.

The Band believes that its music, best represents the Band and nothing beats the live experience that Dragon Red offers to the general public as the onstage chemistry and the energy levels they generate when it comes to live shows are extremely entertaining and most of the time can induce crowd moshing and body surfing.

Download Dragon Red’s Full Band Profile Here

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